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Back in Time

For the GHS Class of 1957

I go back in time to 1939.

It was the year I was born.

Some folks think that was a long time ago.

I sometimes think that what they think is so.

I dream back in time to elementary school.

Plastic jars of white paste, reading workbooks, lunchroom smells.

What really stands out in those years?

Order, respect, learning, and few fears.

I search back in time to junior high.

Wide-eyed questioning, insecurities, crushes.

Those years are not so clear,

But friendships were begun there that I still hold dear.

I linger back in time to my beloved GHS.

We knew we were witnessing the best.

Wonderful teachers! What a place!

Remembering it all puts a smile on my face!

As I go up the walk I pretend I am back in time.

I enter the main building and hear the laughter,

Just like 50 years ago on a school day.

What a joy to see each classmate; I hardly know what to say!

 I am blessed.  I am back at GHS!


 -Doris D. Guill Brown

Our reunion is only 10 days away and I have just located the website.  Actually I didn't know we had one until today and Maxie Hinshaw e-mailed it to me..

My reservations are in, and my husband and I will be staying with Lou Ellen Geiger in Burlington but as this is my first one, I'm hoping I will be able to recognize at least a few '57 classmates.  A bit of a recap on my fifty years follows.

After graduation I went to Denver, Colorado where my parents had moved and worked for Continental Airlines while taking courses  at the University of Colorado.  The following year I went in residence to Colorado State College in Greeley, CO.  Graduating four years later, I taught 5th Grade in Aurora, CO (a Denver suburb) for several years and then moved to Albuquerque, NM  where I taught 3rd grade for several more years.  During the  first couple of summers out of school I again worked for Continental Airlines and the following summers I returned to Greeley and pursued a masters in Guidance and Counseling.  All through my undergraduate years I was very involved with student government, Alpha Phi sorority, and the yearbook staff (with which I had developed an interest at GHS!)  At the end of my senior year, I was named "One of Ten Outstanding Senior Women".  I really attribute my self-confidence and interest in people and student government to all of the great welcoming and friendly experiences I had at GHS when I transferred in as a mid-year sophomore.

As an "Old Maid School Teacher" for a number of years, I began downhill skiing and eventually became a ski patrolman at Sandia Peak near Albuquerque.  While a member of a ski club there I met my future husband, Jim Hurt, an Air Force officer who was a test pilot.  He had been married and had two daughters.  We married in 1967; I adopted his daughters who were then 6 and 8 and he went to Viet Nam, came home from Viet Nam and we were assigned to Edwards AFB in California.  In November of 1970 my son, Jeffrey Wheeler Hurt was born.  The following April I was widowed as my husband did not survive a test flight in the F-111.  Returning to New Mexico where my former principal offered me a job whenever I wanted it,  and many civilian friends were located, I settled in.  The following year I received an assistantship in the Department of Special Education at the University of New Mexico and in 1973 received another masters.  In 1975 I met and married James Allen Dickey, a Californian, who was a Naval Aviator in the A-6 Intruder for 24 years.  He was assigned to Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in Washington state and there we went.  This 30 year old bachelor gained a wife, 3 children, a basset hound, a cat and a house full of furniture.  That was 32 years ago.  We have lived in the far east, (Japan  for 3 1/2 years), and Europe, (Belgium for 4 plus years), and on the east coast in the Washington DC (Northern Virginia) area.  We relocated to Williamsburg, VA in 2003 and  are pleasantly relaxing, reading, learning the game of golf, and I am playing some bridge (which I learned in the Greensboro summers.) 

We have had no more children and now have Jeff and wife Tahra, granddog Gus and grandcat Stan in Austin, TX.  Also have daughter Kristi, son-in-law Ken and grandson Jonathan who is 13 in Topeka, KS.  Our oldest daughter Karen is a nurse in Indianapolis with our granddaughter Stephanie who is 21

I'm sure this is "TMI" as my husband often tells me, and I could go onů but have no more room on the page.  See you all soon.  Ann Dickey

-Ann Dickey

I just now accessed the Class of '57's web site and would like to say just how nice it is and appreciate the web site and Bill Neese's welcome (great guy).  I'm looking forward to all the upcoming events on the reunion.  Sounds like great fun! 

-Sarah Andrews Murray

Dear Classmate, The Franks boy, I guess?, 


Thanks, I loved it!  Especially seeing the list of "fallen" before I get to the parties.  It's hard to think of such special people being gone already.  And I still cry at the drop of a hat!  Some things never change!
I do wonder who Ann Dickey was?  From the letter on the web site - certainly remember Doris Dawn happily though!
I guess after living so many years without the maiden name, you forget to use it!  We've made 47 years; but I'm still Kitty Wagoner Hayes.
We do live in the NC Mts. for 6 months every year; so I do not have my yearbook with me to look up your name, sorry!  We're looking forward to seeing all soon!   



Hellooooooo  Hellooooooo Class of '57 from Greensboro Senior High. I am getting very excited to see old (oops!) past high school friends that have been to reunions before, and I am also looking forward and getting very excited to see the friends that have never been to a reunion. {FUN-FUN-FUN}
This committee has worked so hard trying to find as many members as possible and I think they have done an outstanding job.  Keith Smith Olson and Betty Kernodle Franks have done a superb job handling most of the planned week-end activities, fixing the name tags, doing a special board for our deceased friends, and fixing a booklet, etc. for us to keep a long time. 
I told one of my friends that's coming from Virginia that I had put on weight and she might not recognize me. (Wear those name tags)  Do you know what she said? She said, "Are you happy?" and I said, "Yes". Then, bless her heart, she said, "Don't worry about it".  If you have gained a little weight or lost a little hair or have your hair colored (like I do!) and you are happy, that's great because at the age of 68 who cares???  HA! HA!    We're back together again!!   In just three days we will all be laughing, talking, and just having a great time reminiscing about what we've been doing for 50 years. Oh me, that sounds so long ago--WHEW!!!
Everyone, take care, thanks for coming and we'll see you in three days

Love yawl,

Maxie Callisher Hinshaw

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