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Missing Classmates

To those beloved classmates who are no longer with us, we pledge to never forget you.  Through our years at GHS, we laughed, cried and finally stood together as the proud graduating Class of 1957 from Greensboro Senior High.

Each of you has carved a special place in our hearts and minds forever!

Adams, James Rodgers


Griffin, Roy Lee


Schofield, Wesley Gus

Aderhold, Rick


Guard, Mary F.


Shallant, Judy

Austin, Ronald Earle


Harrington, Don


Shelton, Edward W.

Banks, Harriet


Hendrix, Bobby


Sheppard, Bill

Barricks, James T.


Hicks, Ira


Showfety, Nancy

Barringer, Fred D.


Holt, David


Smith, Baxter L.

Baynes, Johnny


Jessup, John


Snyder, Alberta G.

Bishop, Claude E


Johnson, John (Buddy) E.


Sox, Sylvia

Blair, Hugh


Jones, Robert Neill


Stout, Carol

Boner, Bobby


Kimbro, Brenda


Stutts, James D

Breedon, Clarence


Lambeth, Dick


Sutton, Elizabeth

Bridges, Carolyn


Lane, Frances C.


Taborn, Robert

Britt, Juanita Opal


Langley, Kenneth


Teague, William Reece

Brothers, Nancy


Lanning, Barbara


Thompson, Nancy Jo

Bryson, Richard


Lindsay, Doris


Tripp, C.D.

Bullard, Shirlee


Lockerman, James


Tucker, Grady

Butler, Dave


Lucas, Kenneth


Turnage, James L.

Campbell, John W.


Martens, Susan


Varsamis, George W.

Caudle, Edgar H.


Martin, Carolyn


Von Herrmann, Henry

Clapp, Jerry


Martin, Nancy


Weatherly, William H.

Coggins, George M.


Martin, Patsy


White, Marie

Cole, Ellen


Mason, Tucker


White, Molly

Cook, Barbara


McCoy, Joan


Williams, Charles O.

Cooke, W Mitchell


McJunkin, Mack F


Williams, Donna

Copeland, Patsy  

Miller, W. David


Wilson, Phil W.

Cox, Nancy


Moody, Barbara


Wray, Bill

Dickson, Sandra


Pearsall, Maranell


Wrenn, Jimmy D.

Dunlop, Barbara


Perdue, Jack


Wrye, William L.

Freeland, D. Jeanette


Powell, Jim


Zaharopoulas, Gus

Frost, Miles


Prentice, Bill



Gallimore, Betty


Pruitt, Glenda



Giles, Jacob R.


Riddle, Evelyn



Gillespie, Fred


Rivers, Judith Lynn



Grayson, Bobby L


Sain, Tommy



Greene, Faye S..


Sandridge, Benjamin Wayne




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