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Grimsley High School Class of 1957

We hope you will enjoy your new website.  As we continue to develop this site in the months ahead, look for Interesting photos, reunion and general information regarding our class both past and present.  With your help, we will also strive to keep current with missing and deceased classmates.   As always we welcome your suggestions and ideas!

Class of '57 Reunion September 14th-15th

Hey, Class of 1957 Greensboro Senior High School!  Well, here we are 50 years later (long time, no see).  However, some exciting things are happening.  We are having our 50th year reunion.

We want to know what's been happening with everyone since 1957.  Give us all your news.  Trying to find a classmate, this is the right place.  Looking for information about our 50th reunion, look no further.

We had the greatest class ever!!  Judges, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, businesswomen, teachers and homemakers.  We are parents, grandparents and yes, great-grandparents.  Whew, we've been busy.

I don't feel any older, do you?  I still feel like that person, arms loaded with books and homework rushing off to 1st period class.  Let's all stay connected through this great website.

-Bill Neese


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